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How a dent changes the world

Okay are you ready? It’s time to crank up the Time Machine. BaaaarrrrRRROOOM hold on. BaaaarrrrRRROOOM buckle your seatbelt. . . . It’s 1994, and I live in Columbus, Ohio. I’m working as an intern for Honda Motor Company, and…

Liam 4 to 6 Months

PICS:                                         VIDEOS: Good Morning Liam, Liam and Kim Chee, our dog,      

1st Floor complete Renovation

2015 1st Floor Complete Renovation: Before: After: Before: After:   Before: After: Before: After:     Misc Construction Pics: (Click to enlarge) What’s going on down there! COSTS: Home Depot: $3,337. Floor (contractor): $4,460. Ikea Kitchen: $2,644.  

Japan: Then and Now

I first arrived in Japan in the late 80′s during the time of the “economic miracle.” Cash was everywhere, Japan Inc. was buying up the world, and it seemed like Japanese companies had a magic formula based on their culture…

Master Bedroom Renovation

2014 Master Bedroom Renovation BEFORE: AFTER: BEFORE: AFTER: BEFORE: AFTER:   COSTS: Home Depot: $1429. Lumber Liquidators (Floor): $323. Ikea (new bedframe, not in pictures)/Harbor Freight: $899. Labor Outsourced: $300. TOTAL: $2,951.