Baltimore’s Best Italian Restaurant: Marchionda’s on Harford Rd

I’ve lived in Baltimore for a long time, and I’ve been to pretty much every Italian restaurant in the city (yea, I love Italian food). And finally I’ve found the Italian restaurant that tops them all:
Marchionda’s located at 7135 Harford Road (Baltimore 21234).
*Disclaimer: I have no relationship with the restaurant or it’s owners*
First, this is the real thing. When you eat at a restaurant like this you realize what a joke the chain stores (Oli** Gard**, Car*a*ba’s for example) are. That is, the ingredients are super fresh, and everything is made from scratch, just like back in the mother country.


The pan seared Chilean Sea Bass is an absolute must.









And the best part is that the owner, Tony, will come out and tell you how he makes this delicious food. Tell ‘em J.R. Maroney sent you and you just might get something for free ;) ~






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