Why Bill Clinton is responsible for North Korea’s Successful Missile Program

North Korea just successfully tested a three stage rocket that can someday soon be easily converted into a delivery system carrying nuclear weapons capable of reaching the U.S. The person to be congratulated is our favorite former U.S. president from Arkansas. Hows that?

1) Bill Clinton sold vital satellite guidance technology to China in the late 90′s.

“World Net Daily 7/21/98 Charles Smith “.President Clinton signed a SECOND part to the waiver for Loral’s Globalstar system in July of 1996. The second part of the Clinton waiver was not for satellites to Russia but allowed Loral to sell an encrypted telemetry control ground station to China for the Loral Globalstar satellites.. . ”

“USA Today 5/19/99 “…In 1996, the Administration transferred the licensing authority for exporting satellite technology from the State Department, which had opposed giving new technology to China, to the Commerce Department, which immediately approved the transfer. Given the green light by the Commerce Department, Loral Corporation provided China with missile technology to improve its satellite launch and guidance systems. This same technology can be used to improve the performance of missiles aimed at the United States… ”

2) Next, China wants to get it’s money back, so they sold the technology to North Korea, their ally. It’s amazing that Mr. Clinton didn’t consider this.
Suspected Sale by China Stirs Concern at White House, New York Times
Published: April 20, 2012
WASHINGTON — The Obama administration says it believes that a Chinese manufacturer sold North Korea<
the chassis and other parts for a missile-transport vehicle displayed in a military parade this week,a senior official said Friday, raising new concerns about China’s ability to enforce a ban on military sales
to North Korea.. . ”

3) Now that North Korea has proven the technology successful, they will sell the technology to Iran. 

4) Why did this happen?
“The Union Leader 4/23/99 Richard Lessner “…The link between the Clinton-Gore campaign and Red China’s military intelligence chief, however, may only be the tip of the illegal contribution iceberg. Millions in Asian money flowed into the Clinton-Gore campaign and the Democratic Party from sources connected to Beijing. The money trail suggests that the Communists used various corporations and business figures as cut-outs to conceal . . .”

Nice Job Bill! 









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